New Construction

New Construction

If you need electric service extended to a new service location that has not existed before, you may request that service here. This includes newly constructed homes and businesses.

Constructing any type of structure (including buildings, decks, sheds, garages or pools) near or under power lines is prohibited. Failure to comply with NEC electrical service guidelines can be costly, dangerous and cause delays in project completion. Meeting with CEC well in advance of construction and updating CEC personnel on building progress is the key to having permanent electric service when you need it. Please keep in mind that weather conditions and workload may cause delays.

Review our CEC Electric Service Guidelines.

New service installation is a simple process:

1. Call our business office in Perryville at (877) 876-3511 option 5 or email us at  If you are a new CEC customer, you will need to complete an application for service and setup an account

Application for Residential Service

Application for Commercial Service

2. A meeting will be scheduled at the project site with the appropriate CEC representative.

3. Locate and stake out the new structure(s) prior to the meeting.  This will provide for a productive and efficient site meeting.  Make sure the structures are not located on an existing CEC easement.

4. CEC will provide you with an estimate of the costs to extend electric facilities to your new home or business.  Payment of any line extension costs, if required, must be paid prior to construction.

5. Call 8-1-1- prior to any excavating.

6. Once the above conditions are met, our Operations Department will begin work on your new service.

Remember that good planning and communication between all parties is vital to the success of your project.


Please check out our Rebates for new construction. 

Residential Rebate

Business Rebate