Payment Options

Payment Options

For your added convenience, Citizens Electric offers Level Pay, Auto Draft, Prepaid Metering and Operation Round Up.

Level Pay

Level Pay allows you to pay an average of your most recent 12 months, which makes it easier to budget monthly electric costs. This program especially appeals to members with electric heat. The monthly amount varies slightly but is always an even dollar amount. The monthly calculation includes 1/12th of your actual balance to eliminate a true-up month, unless you go off of the program. A 12-month CEC history is preferred, and bills must be paid by the original bill due date in order to remain on the program. To find out more please contact us at (877) 876-3511 option 5. 

Auto Draft

Auto Draft saves you time and money by paying automatically via bank draft or bank card. The payment is electronically paid on your CEC due date approximately 21 days after the bill date.  You will continue to receive a paper bill, unless you choose ebill paperless billing, this may be done through our Member Services Portal.

Auto Draft Form

Prepaid Metering

Prepaid Metering lets you pay as you go, like the way you buy gasoline. Start with $50 toward future usage, and pay as much or as little as you want as long as you maintain a credit account balance. Notifications by text, email or voice verification will keep you updated on usage and account balance. Research shows participating consumers become more aware of their electric consumption and save 10-12 percent.  No deposits or extra fees are required. 

PrePaid Metering Application

Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up is an easy way to help others who are less fortunate. Participants’ bills are rounded up to the next dollar amount, which could range from one penny to 99 cents. The maximum contribution is $11.88 per year, unless you choose to make a lump sum tax deductible contribution. 

Round up Signup Form