SharedSolar FAQ

SharedSolar FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much will I save with SharedSolar? Will participation reduce my bills?

SharedSolar provides an environmental benefit but not an economic benefit to members who choose to participate. Based on the average CEC member’s monthly usage, 3 Blocks would represent about 56% of the member’s usage as produced from carbon-free, sustainable generation and add $2.97 to the member’s monthly bill.


  • I would be interested in a program that would offset my bill.  Does SharedSolar offer this option?

Although participation in SharedSolar will not reduce your monthly bill, we are currently evaluating other options that would provide participating members a credit on their monthly bill.


  • What is the benefit of participating in SharedSolar (i.e. what’s in it for me)?

SharedSolar provides an environmental benefit that allows members a choice from where their electricity is generated. SharedSolar enables members to reduce their carbon footprint by choosing this sustainable option over other traditional forms of electric generation. With SharedSolar, environmental stewardship starts for just pennies a day added to the monthly electric bill.


  • What is the cost to participate in SharedSolar?

SharedSolar costs 99¢ per month per block. 


  • How many blocks may I sign up for?

Members may sign up for as many blocks as needed to reach 100% of renewable electricity assigned to individual accounts but no greater than 16 blocks of SharedSolar. A CEC Member Services Representative can assist you in determining the maximum number of blocks for which an electric account is eligible.


  • How do I sign up for SharedSolar?

A completed Member Participation Agreement that outlines the costs, benefits, terms, and conditions of participation is required.


  • When will the charge for SharedSolar appear on my bill?

Charges for SharedSolar participation will appear on the member’s monthly bill after completed Member Participation Agreements are submitted by the 10th of the previous month. 


  • If I decide that I no longer want to participate in SharedSolar, can I drop out?

Yes. Simply contact Citizens Electric to withdraw from SharedSolar. Charges for SharedSolar block will no longer appear on the member’s monthly bill after the member contacts Citizens Electric to withdraw from the program by the 10th of the previous month.  There is a 12-month waiting period to re-enroll for members who withdraw from the program. 


  • Why is SharedSolar considered a carbon-free, sustainable option?

Unlike traditional forms of electric generation, the “fuel” to generate electricity from a solar array comes from the sun. Other traditional sources of generation use fossil fuels like coal and natural gas or maybe carbon-free like nuclear generation that requires uranium as a fuel source.


  • How does the electricity get to my home or business from a solar array?

Participation in SharedSolar enables the member to receive electricity that is “attributed” or designated from the solar array; however, electricity that enters your home or business is technically from the generating source that is currently operating nearest to you.


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