Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Surge Protection and Lighting Arrestors are highly recommended by CEC.  While we cannot imply any warranties, we have seen these items work in a number of applications. The majority of power surges residential members experience come from lightning strikes.  We offer lightning arrestors for both overhead and underground service.  

Overhead Service

Citizens Electric will install a VariStar Storm Trapper High Energy secondary lightning arrestor at a member's residence.  The installation will occur at the weather head.

CEC will maintain these overhead arrestors at no additional cost.

Underground Service

Citizens Electric will supply, but not install, the lightning arrestor. It should be fastened inside the panel box with a qualified electrician doing the installation work.


Single phase: $39 for arrestor, $68 installed

3 phase, 3 wire: $43 for arrestor, $73 installed

3 phase, 4 wire: $48 for arrestor, $78 installed