Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

CEC must address trees that pose safety and reliability issues before they cause injury or power outages. Trees with branches that could come into contact with power lines on windy days or trees which could fall into our lines during high winds all must be reviewed.

CEC uses pruning techniques that meet the American National Standards A300 Pruning Standards. These techniques utilize "natural, lateral, or directional" pruning methods. Branches that conflict with power lines are cut back to laterals directed away from the lines. When trees can not be pruned properly, removal is the only option.

When potential problems are found, planning is done and a bright yellow door hanger is left on our members' front doors informing them that tree contractors will be in the area to remove or trim problem trees. This door hanger provides information on our vegetation management program as well as contact information for CEC.​

Safety and reliability of electric services is our top priority.

Trimming Trees Near Electric Lines

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The Right Tree in the Right Place

Landscaping For Energy Efficiency.

Emerald Ash Borer

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